About us

Greenhills Veterinary Hospital is located in the Hunter Valley in NSW. 

Our hospital is purpose built and is equipped with state of the art facilities and equipment so we can be sure to provide your pet with the best care that we possibly can. 

What can you expect from our Team

Our aim is to provide you with a personal and comprehensive range of Veterinary services and supplies to cater for all your pet's needs.

One of our main areas of emphasis is an on-going preventative medicine program for our patients. Modern Veterinary medicine allows us to use knowledge & skills to prevent illness, disease and suffering - this is the principle aim of our practice. We will provide you with information sheets, informative dvd's and books to help you in the management of any illness, convalescence after surgery and in the maintenance of your pet's good health.

Our hospital has a dedicated ongoing commitment to staff training ensuring we always offer the best of care available.

TAFE & University of students - with state of the art facilities and staff expertise we are a model hospital for TAFE veterinary nursing students. We are also a training partner for University of Sydney and Queensland final year veterinary students.

Team Commitment to You

As a client, we want you to know you have the right to expect the following standards from us:

You can relax... your pets are as important to us as they are to you.

You will receive friendly and courteous service.

You can ring us as often as you want...we will always be only too happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you have.

We will communicate with you frequently as we work with you to ensure your pet's continuing good health and well-being.

We will be here to support you throughout your pet's life and help you overcome any obstacles.

The products we keep in stock will always be of the best quality and value so that you get real benefit from them. They are backed by comprehensive advice and a money back guarantee.

Our ongoing team training program will be of the highest standard so that you will receive the most professional and up-to-date advice and care from every team member with whom you deal.

Your feedback is critical. It assists us in continuing to innovate and improve. We look forward to hearing your ideas, comments and suggestions.

We will respond to any and all feedback you give us.

We will always listen to you carefully about the health of your animal.

Because We Care....

Pet of the month


Most of us have Ibuprofen in our cabinets at home, it is one of the medications we take without a second thought, which makes it the most common toxicities in pets. Henry came into the clinic after the owner had realized Henry had eaten 8 tablets and was vomiting,and can also course stomach ulcer's other symptoms may occur over time that as a pet owner you may notice at home, such as Vomiting, Diarroeha, difficulty breathing, tremors, renal failure.

Henry has made a full recovery and enjoyed all of the cuddles from Nurse Lauren.
If you suspect your pet has eaten any medication contact your vet immediately.


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