Grooming at Greenhills Vet

We have an in-house professional grooming and clipping service available five days a week

We cater to everything from a bath and blowdry to fancy show clips. We also groom cats and rabbits, from a simple hygiene clip to a full clip off.

Treat your best friend to a full Day Spa Experience or specialised treatment.

Select something special from our Spa Menu for your pampered pet.

  • Massaging Hydro bath therapy
  • Medicated or Specialised Shampoo and Conditioner Treatments
  • Manicures, Pedicures & Nail Painting
  • Essential Oil treatment
  • Blow Dry and Style
  • Colouring and Deodorizing (with a range of fragrances to choose from)

Meet James our professional Groomer

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Pet of the month


Most of us have Ibuprofen in our cabinets at home, it is one of the medications we take without a second thought, which makes it the most common toxicities in pets. Henry came into the clinic after the owner had realized Henry had eaten 8 tablets and was vomiting,and can also course stomach ulcer's other symptoms may occur over time that as a pet owner you may notice at home, such as Vomiting, Diarroeha, difficulty breathing, tremors, renal failure.

Henry has made a full recovery and enjoyed all of the cuddles from Nurse Lauren.
If you suspect your pet has eaten any medication contact your vet immediately.


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