Puppy Pre-School at Greenhills

Greenhills Veterinary Hospital offers puppy pre-school which is lead by our very dedicated and experienced nurse Cheri, who has 7 years experience in puppy behaviour and has also attended talks with Dr Katrina Warren.

Our puppy pre-school classes run for 4 weeks and fall on a Tuesday and a Wednesday evening from 6pm to 7pm.

You will learn how to train your puppy to:

  • Sit
  • Come
  • Lay Down
  • Roll over
If you are interested we can offer information on socialization, toileting, biting, desexing, grooming and nutrition.
Feel free to bring the family along. If you have any questions please contact Greenhills.


Come and visit the Greenhills Vet Family and meet our friendly reception staff and nurses.

Get some great advice on nutrition, vaccination, worming, flea control, grooming micro-chipping, behaviour and receive your FREE PUPPY PACK.

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Pet of the month


Most of us have Ibuprofen in our cabinets at home, it is one of the medications we take without a second thought, which makes it the most common toxicities in pets. Henry came into the clinic after the owner had realized Henry had eaten 8 tablets and was vomiting,and can also course stomach ulcer's other symptoms may occur over time that as a pet owner you may notice at home, such as Vomiting, Diarroeha, difficulty breathing, tremors, renal failure.

Henry has made a full recovery and enjoyed all of the cuddles from Nurse Lauren.
If you suspect your pet has eaten any medication contact your vet immediately.


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